Orgs and Awards

Past and Current Organization Involvement

Kappa Phi Lambda University of Denver Colony
(An Asian-interest sorority that aims to empower women and imbue values of Sisterhood, Service, and Cultural Diversity)
Founding Mother|President|Cultural Chair

Next Generation Voices
(A non-profit focused on the development of high-school Asian American leaders through clubs and workshops)
Advisor and mentor for Smoky Hill High School

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival
(A festival that brings over 100,000 attendees to invite them to explore various aspects of Asian culture)
Cultural Unity Co-Chair

Fortitude Foundation
(A non-profit that aims to empower the human spirit)

University of Denver Asian Student Alliance
(An Asian American student organization that aims to educate and inspire others in areas of advocacy and activism)
Vice-President of Programming

University of Denver Pioneer Breakers
(An organization that teaches hip-hop culture and dance)

Awards, Recognition, and Past Projects

2015 Kappa Phi Lambda Colony of the Year & Orchid Award
(National recognition for the best performing colony in the nation, national recognition for the school that has the most unique and impactful cultural events. Both won under my presidency.)
Relevant Media: National Website Recognition

2015 Denver Sister of the Year & Cultural Diversity Award
(Award for upholding all pillars thoroughly for Denver Kappa Phi Lambda, Award for hosting upstanding cultural events)

2015 Queenz of Hip-Hop
(Helped plan the 6th Annual Queenz of Hip-Hop, an event dedicated to honoring and empowering women leaders in the Colorado hip-hop community)

2014 Summer Research Grant ($3000)
(Granted a research grant by the University of Denver to conduct research regarding the NGO, Tiny Toones, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on the effectiveness of hip-hop as a tool of empowerment for at-risk youth)

2014 Tiny Toones Jam
(Planned and hosted a hip-hop jam to benefit the NGO, Tiny Toones, located in Phnom Penh Cambodia and renowned for their work with inner city youth)
Relevant Media: Video Recap

2014 VOICES Event
(Planned and hosted an art-show that honored the recovery of domestic violence survivors. Proceeds donated to SafeHouse Denver.)

2014 Kappa Phi Lambda Diamond Scholarship ($1000)
(A scholarship for a Sister that demonstrates academic excellence and dedication to her colony and community)

2013 Global Cherrington Scholar
(A scholarship for students at the University of Denver to study abroad-I studied at Akita International University in Japan)

2013 Asian American Hero of Colorado Rising Hero
(A state-wide award for “outstanding leadership, service, and heroism.” Also received a thank you letter from US Senator, Mark E Udall. Featured in Asian Avenue Magazine)
Relevant Media: Asian Avenue Magazine Article

2012 Project Renew
(Received a Community Service Award from the Lao Buddhist Temple of Colorado for planning, implementing, and hosting a benefit event that raised over $4500 to rebuild the burnt down temple. Featured on 9News, 7News, Fort Collins Channel 11, and Fox News.)
Relevant Media: Westword Article, Huffington Post Article, Clarion Article

2012 Art 4 Aurora
(Received a thank you letter from the Mayor of Aurora, Stephen Hogan for planning, implementing, and hosting Art 4 Aurora, a benefit event that raised over $5000 for victims of the Aurora Movie Theater shooting. Featured on 7News and included >20 artists, live art, open murals, >10 live musical and dance performances.)
Relevant Media: Asian Avenue Magazine Article, Clarion Article, Project AVA Promo Video

2012 Colorado Chinese Youth Foundation Notable Leader
(Recognized by CCYF for my contributions to the Asian American Community)
Relevant Media: Interview and article with CCYF


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