The Art of Living Minimally

Realizing Excess-

When I left a year ago, I brought a small carry on and duffel bag. In these were just a few t-shirts, pants, and other necessities. Then, when I went for a Southeast Asia tour the last three months, I narrowed everything down to one duffel bag. When I came back to Colorado and entered my old room, I noticed my completely full closet and drawers. I just had so much stuff. To be real, it was quite overwhelming. How could one person need so many things? The truth is, we don’t.

I think we all just get so caught up in the ‘just in case,’ or the ‘I wore that three years ago, so I would definitely wear it again,’ and the ‘it has sentimental meaning (but I would never truthfully use it again)!’ But it takes living with only a few clothing items and necessities to realize, you really don’t actually NEED all that stuff. So while I was in this perspective, before my materialistic mind came rushing back, I packed two full garbage bags of clothes to be sent off for donations and hand me downs. It was quite refreshing honestly. We get so caught in what he have or what we don’t have, we don’t realize that what we need is really…not so much.

So don’t be afraid to throw things out and reduce all the clutter in your life.

P.S. Or don’t. It’s your life. Some people thrive in their own created chaos.

P.P.S. I also didn’t give away my prom dress. Even though I will never wear that pink fluffy princess gown ever again. So you know, you do you. 



  1. themasterhang · August 13, 2016

    Hi, I’m Elaine and our mutual friend Vanessa directed me to your blog and I love it! (lol we use the same theme) I just got back from SEA and I was trying to find blog posts about traveling SEA written by Asian (American) folks. Thanks for sharing! Oh and btw, have your heard about the KonMari method of decluttering?


    • hellojoie · August 15, 2016

      Hi Elaine! I’m Joie! We do have the same theme hehe. Where did you go in the SEA? No I haven’t, what is that about?


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