Advocacy, Leadership, and Identity

I made this video for my kiddos still in Next Generation Voices, a organization meant to empower students of color (especially Asian Americans) with leadership skills.

The video details how it all started with this incredibly racist article written by Max Karson, “If It’s War the Asians Want, It’s War They’ll Get,” which sparked the In Solidarity Campaign. He paraded it as satire, but with phrases like, “this is war…once the Asian spirit has been broken…[Asian students] hogtied and dragged to my apartment,” no one bought. This guy was a real piece of work, also getting himself arrested briefly for empathizing with the Virginia Tech shooters commenting that the fluorescent lights in classrooms was enough to enrage him to killing 32 people. A real class act. The In Solidarity campaign served as a platform to unite everyone around the country that was completely tired of this racist bullshit pretending to be satire.

Using the momentum and unity created by this campaign, the same group of students moved to start the non-profit Next Generation Voices.

I also describe the origin of NGV at Smoky Hill, TOEJam, and World Awareness.

Feel free to watch it to learn a bit about recent AAPI history in Colorado!

Relevant links:
If It’s War Asians Want article:

In Solidarity Video:

Founding Members of NGV:
Annie Guo, Kenneth Phi, Connie Shi, Nick Zhou, Trisa Bui, Christina Dai

Founding Members of NGV @ Smoky Hill High School:
Joie Ha, Susie Kim, Jesse Kim, Christopher Song


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