The Truth About Living in Third World Countries

The other day we saw a homeless man lying halfway on the sidewalk and halfway in the street. His head was busted open and the red of his blood contrasted starkly with the dirty grey ground. And almost in a comical manner, he tried to sit up like a turtle who was flipped on its back. 

And although it was a busy street, everyone passed by and avoided him. Tuk tuks, cars, motos, people. And before we knew it, we had passed him too. 

As we sat in guilt and argued over what we did, we came to the conclusion that there really was not much that we could have done. He could have been on drugs, he could have had HIV/AIDS, he could have been a victim of vigilante justice or gang violence; all of which could have put us in danger. We could have called the cops, but they likely wouldn’t have shown up unless he was a somebody- but he clearly wasn’t. Same with the hospitals, few would treat without money. 

And that’s the truth about living in third world countries, sometimes there will be situations where you see suffering but can do nothing about it. And even worse, see others who are more equipped to handle the situation, let the suffering continue. 

So with that, please always be grateful for those little instances of empathy that others may show you. And always attempt to assist others in whatever manner you can, because there will be times when there is no option to help.


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