Angkor- The Road Less Traveled

Angkor is much better enjoyed without people.

To enjoy Angkor the most, find the most secluded temple. Explore it. Take your time. Find a nice view with a cool breeze. And then just sit. Soak it all in and truly relish in the beauty and history that surrounds you. Feel the stone around you and admire its intricacy and age.  Connect.

The other day, we rented out bikes for a dollar. They were cheap and old, but useable. Unfortunately I had the one permanently set to the highest gear and I had to pedal like a maniac to keep up- even on downhills. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful bike ride (albeit a bit dangerous with the crazy traffic and less than desirable bikes). We stopped by Bayon and Baphoun. Usually people visit several temples in one day, but we just spent our time at two.

At Baphoun, there was a beautiful raised walkway with various ceiling-less alcoves throughout. On our way there, we sat at one of the open windows and enjoyed the view around us. The moment was perfect and we literally sat there for a few hours. There was no need to talk, to reminisce, or anything of the sort. We just basked in the temple’s greatness and allowed ourselves to truly be apart of it instead of just a tourist walking in and out. It was phenomenal.

The next time you visit a historic architectural wonder, I’d suggest staying there and soaking up the atmosphere instead of just walking through and taking pictures. To experience a beautiful thing is much different than viewing it.

Picture: Taken at sunrise outside Angkor Wat.


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