Getting lost and letting things go.

In short, we all have a terrible sense of direction. 

The first day we didn’t know where our hotel was nor where Tiny Toones was. We just sort of walked around and confused a lot of tuk tuk drivers. Probably not the best way to go about it. But the thing about letting go and allowing yourself to get lost, is that it allows you to truly and spontaneously enjoy everything around you. 

Today, we went to Siem Reap on a bus full of locals. It took 8 hours out of the projected 4. The bus itself was pretty janky and about 5 hours in the ride, we were no longer sure of the destination. We went through miles and miles of farmland and incredibly rural places, stopping at random times and places to let locals on and off (we probably took tons of detours). But instead of worrying, we just allowed ourselves to truly enjoy the scenery and await the incredible adventure that we were facing. 

There’s a certain sense of comfort in not knowing and allowing yourself be carried away with where the day may take you. Life is pretty great when you let your worries go. 

Luckily, we reached Siem Reap, played soccer with some local kids, and I finally bought myself some elephant pants. All in all, a great day. When traveling, being stressed about hotel bookings, where you go, and what to do takes away from the adventure. Just let go. 

PS: lack of a picture of the day because I lost my phone. Oops. 


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