Joie’s Guide to Crossing Streets and Eating in Cambodia

There are no real rules on the streets in Cambodia. Cars and motos just run about and try not to hit each other. That’s pretty much it. So how do you cross a road in Cambodia?

Well, we came up with the Hierarchy of the Road as follows:

1. BAV: Big ass vehicles always have right of the way
2. Normal vehicles
3. Pedestrians
4. Tuktuk/ Motor bikes
5. Bicycles

This means that you should wait for vehicles to pass, but when it is just motos and tuk tuks, you can cross without abandon. They will avoid you and part like the river did for Moses. This is about the only way you can cross the road in Cambodia or you might as well just sit on the street corner and watch the sunset. You have to take command and STRUT. Don’t feel bad or hesitate, yield to no one (except BAVs)!

As for food, look for the place with tons of locals. The less barang, the better. Don’t be afraid of janky looking, dirty, questionable street stalls. That’s where the best food is. And usually only for about 50 cents per meal. For example, we had ourselves some Cambodian BBQ the other night where the place was filled with locals and some live music. But don’t go overboard, it is not difficult to get sick in Cambodia. Our immune systems just aren’t up for it. But otherwise, be fearless and try some random food stand once a day!

Until tomorrow,


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